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Give your gifts a beautiful finishing touch with professional gift wrapping!

We wrap gifts for all occasions





Party favors

Special occasions

Get the pros to do it

Make an appointment to drop off your gifts and we will take care of the rest. We will call you when your gifts are ready to pick up.


Learn to wrap gifts beautifully by hosting a wrapping party in your home. 

Charges apply for a professional gift wrapper to teach at parties located more than 35 miles away from Charles Town, West Virginia.

You supply the tables, chairs, snacks, and friends -- we provide the gift wrap, boxes, tape, ribbon and adornments. 

Go virtual

Attend one of our virtual gift wrapping classes or request a private lesson. 

The instructor will email a list of required items before class. 

Private or group virtual classes are available. 

Our professional price list

Just the basics

(Starts at $2 per gift)

Gift wrap paper

Ribbon and bow

Gift tag

A little fancy

(Starts at $5 per gift)

Glitter, embossed, or foil luxury paper

Small adornments (bells, candy canes, batch scrunchies, etc.)

Satin or fabric ribbon and bow

Die cut or equivalent gift tag


(Starts at $8 per gift)

Luxury paper

Satin or fabric ribbon and bow

Adornments (holiday ornaments, baby rattles, jewelry, gourmet chocolates, vintage laces, tea cups, etc.)

Wrapping Party Price List

  • Private lesson (1-on-1): $50 per hour*
  • Group lesson (up to 6 people): $150 per hour*
  • Groups of 7 or more, please contact us for pricing.
  • Wrapping supplies are included.
  • Venue is not included (you must supply the home or facility).

* Within a 25 mile radius of Charles Town, West Virginia

NOTE: Due to the nature of gift wrapping (i.e. using sharp scissors, cutters, etc.) children under 13 must have adults present. Minimum age required is 6 years old. 

Virtual Class Price List

  • Private lesson (1-on-1): $40 per hour
  • Group lesson on Zoom (up to 8 people): $100 per hour
  • Supplies are not included

The fine print ...

  • We will work with each customer to determine color schemes, themes, etc before wrapping.
  • For customer satisfaction, if you are not pleased with our wrapping theme choices, we offer a re-wrap at half-price (once for each gift). 
  • Prices do not include boxes -- you must box the items before delivery or arrange with us to purchase appropriate gift boxes.
  • Prices do not include travel for pick-up and drop off services. A charge of 50 cents (USD) per mile to and from any area outside the 35-mile radius of Charles Town, West Virginia will be applied -- so it is best to get an estimate of services before we pick up.
  • We photograph and inspect every gift before it is wrapped to ensure no breakage has occurred.
  • Breakable gifts (glass, crystal) and high value items may incur extra charges due to insurance needs. 

Size descriptions (these are approximate)

Tiny: Up to 2" by 2" by 2" (e.g. ring or small jewelry boxes)

Extra Small: Up to 5" by 5" by 5" (e.g. watch box)

Small: Up to 10"L by 8"W by 6"D (e.g. shoe box)

Medium: Up to 22"L by 15"W by 10"D (e.g. Sweater/clothing box)

Large: Up to 32"L by 20"W by 14"D (e.g. boots or Kentucky derby hats)

Extra Large: Up to 40"L by 30"W by 20"D (e.g. small tricycle or child's kitchen toy)

Huge: Up to 50"L by 36"W by 26"D (e.g. large framed photo with padding or dining room chair)

Massive: Call for price estimates

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service


Per Month

Best Package Offer

1 hr session




Weekly Service


Per Week

Best for General Upkeep

1 hr session




Daily Service


Per Day

Best for Busy Homes

1 hr session




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