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Planning a tea themed party? 

Rent your tea equipage from us!

We have an array of vintage teapots, coffee pots, chocolate pots, cups/saucers, tiered trays, cake stands, napkins, and tea equipage for you to rent. We offer drop off, set up, break down, and washing services in the West Virginia, Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area to make your tea-themed event hassle-free. Prices start at $3 per cup/saucer, $5 per pot. Party prices start at $50* for all the pieces you need for a 6-person party.


Perfect for: 

Baby showers


Bridal showers

Alice In Wonderland tea

Children’s parties

Gentlemen’s tea




Mother’s Day 

Grandparents day 


*Minimum rental is $50

Tea Item Price List

Note: Tea cups and saucers match each other they are not a complete set of all matching. But they are all beautiful vintage China.

  • Tea cup, $1.50 each

  • Tea saucer, $1.50 each

  • Tiered trays with serving utensil, $10 each

  • Luncheon/dessert size Plates, $2 each

  • Tea pots, $5 each

  • Cream/milk jugs, $3 each

  • Sugar bowl with tongs, $3 each

  • Sugar tongs only, $1 each

  • Serving tongs only, $1.50 each

  • Petite cutlery set (small spoon, fork,butter spreader), $2 per set

  • Divided plates (3 sections) for jams/clotted cream with serving spoon, $5 each

  • Napkins (all matching) available in white, red, black (poly blend), $1 each

  • Napkins (mismatched vintage cotton), $1.50 each

  • Rentals are for 24 hours and do not include table set up or break down.

  • Delivery drop-off and pick up is no earlier than 72 hours before and after an event date.

  • Items are brought ready to use and taken back in their original packaging rinsed out (so washing is done by us but they must be rinsed free of food/debris).

Optional items/services:

  • Set-up charge is $35 for up to 50 settings.

  • Break-down, packing charge is $35 for up to 50 settings.


  • There is a breakage clause included in the rental contract in case any item gets cracked, chipped or broken. This clause ensures replacing damaged pieces and it runs 5x the rental cost per piece (e.g., a cup gets broken, the replacement charge would be $7.50).

  • Mileage rate (after the first 25 miles from Charles Town, WV -- the first 25 miles is included in the cost) is 50 cents per mile. 

Tea rooms
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