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Birdie lemon squeezer

Resplendent Miss Write loves her tea but hates getting her hands sticky with lemon juice so she uses this cute little plastic birdie lemon wedge squeezer. $4.95

Tea themed charms

Resplendent Miss Write loves her tea but she also loves her bling! These cute tea themed charms are perfect for the tea lover on your gift list. Included will be a teapot charm, teacup charm, and tea bag charm. Perfect for those charm bracelets! $9.95 + shipping

Teapot with lid holder/drip catcher

Resplendent Miss Write loves her tea. This cute 10 oz white teapot is perfect for tea for one. Comes with a blue lid holder and drip catcher with silver roses and silver accents. Helps keep fingers from getting burned on the teapot knob and saves the tablecloth from stains. $17.00. 

Tea Rose Soap

Resplendent Miss Write loves her tea but also  believes in a good old fashioned clean. That is why she makes these 1” rose guest soaps. 3 packages of 3 soaps each with free USA shipping, $10. Floral scented, made with real tea leaves. Boxes of 6 available for bulk special order at $6 per box. 

Small batch, hand crafted.

Rose Sugar

Resplendent Miss Write loves her tea but sometimes she needs a little sweetener and different flavors so she uses flavored sugar. This beautiful sugar is made with pure cane sugar, dried crushed rose buds, food coloring, and pure rose extract. 100 grams. $4.95.

It goes perfectly with tea. Or, try it as a garnish or in baking.

Teapot lid holder & drip catcher

 This super cute tea accoutrement served three purposes. It is a lid holder, drip catcher, and pretty adornment for your teapot! Grey elastic, blackFoam, and silver roses. $6.95

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